Canadian Rivers Institute, Saint John, NB

All building projects are unique, but when the Canadian Rivers Institute and the University of New Brunswick needed to develop a world-class research facility to train future scientists, they chose Avondale for this one-of-a-kind project.

The 1,115 square metre facility had to be built to the latest best practices for research facilities. It also needed to blend flexibility with functionality in order to accommodate the needs of multiple users. Lab finishes were built to be durable and low maintenance while offices, staff and student support areas were constructed with appropriate materials to provide ease of maintenance, healthy air quality and a look that matched the existing facility. Other unique features that Avondale integrated into the project included maximum light reflection throughout the entire building and specially designed, custom built fresh and saltwater wet laboratories.

The finished facility is both a construction achievement for Avondale and a world-class success. A success built on a commitment to completely understanding our client’s unique requirements from start to finish.