NS East Hants Resource Centre, Elmsdale, NS

Avondale understands working with tight timelines, and we’ve built our business on being able to deliver. When the Municipality of East Hants needed a new commercial centre, custom built to meet the unique needs of a variety of tenants, they chose Avondale to deliver. The 38,800 square foot, 2 level facility faced a number of construction challenges including unsuitable soil conditions requiring extensive excavation and importation of new soil during the site preparation process.

Despite these obstacles, that threatened to derail the project’s tight timeline, our project managers and construction experts worked smart and worked fast to keep every task and every hour on track. The structure, complete with interior fit-up work, was finished within the required timeframe to meet each tenant’s move in date. The East Hants Resource Centre is yet another ideal example of Avondale performance and quality from start to finish.